E.B. Boyd

E.B. Boyd

E.B. Boyd is a contributing writer at Fast Company and San Francisco. She has reported from the Middle East, Afghanistan, China, Haiti, and Silicon Valley.

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Front5 article

A New Front | California Sunday Magazine

Can the Pentagon learn to do business with Silicon Valley?

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Lead Or Die | Fast Company

One Marine officer concluded that the U.S. way of advising the Afghan National Army was hurting more than helping. So he came up with his own solution and changed the course of the conflict.

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Getting Out of Afghanistan | Fast Company

By the time we thought about leaving Afghanistan, we’d been tossing gear into the country for more than a decade. This is the story of how we moved out.

Stringio article

Dark Side of the Boom | San Francisco magazine

Diaspora was supposed to be the “Facebook Killer.” Then 22-year-old cofounder Ilya Zhitomirskiy committed suicide. E.B. Boyd reports on how his death has touched a nerve in Silicon Valley—and forced one of its biggest secrets out in the open.

Ign article

Silicon Valley's New Hiring Strategy | Fast Company

In Silicon Valley, some dare to ask: Why hire a PhD, when a self-taught kid is just as good?

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Where is the Female Mark Zuckerberg? | San Francisco magazine

The stereotypical founder of a Silicon Valley giant is an insanely arrogant, pathologically driven, geekily brilliant 22-year-old guy. This boom looks different. For the first time in startup history, girl wonders actually have an edge over the boys. (Not that anyone has noticed.) Can the new femme entrepreneurs seize their moment?

Cloud article

Can Silicon Valley Help The State Department Track Weapons Of ...

The State Department is looking to the tech world for new ideas to help solve increasingly difficult (and scary) problems.

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Leadership Lessons From The U.S. Army In Afghanistan | Fast Company

If you want to learn how to lead, join the military.

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Meet Facebook's First Female Engineer | Vogue India

In 2005, when Ruchi Sanghvi walked into Facebook's offices in downtown Palo Alto looking for a job, she didn't expect to become the poster girl for women in Silicon Valley. Now almost a decade -- and two jobs -- later, including a stint at Dropbox, the tag of 'Facebook's first female engineer' still holds.

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Q&A: Lt. Gen. Mark A. Milley

After 13 years of war, the bulk of U.S. forces will leave Afghanistan this year. From May 2013 to last February, Lt. Gen. Mark A. Milley ’80 was the second-highest general on the ground, overseeing daily operations for NATO.

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Meet Google's Voice Hunter On A Quest For 300 Languages | Fast Company

Google wants Voice Search to master the Tower of Babel. So Linne Ha travels the world, gathering the language samples used to train it.

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The Kabubble: Scenes From Afghanistan's Stalled Housing Boom | Fast Company

Fast Company | The skyline in Kabul has changed virtually overnight. And now, ahead of an unsure and rapidly approaching future, building has stalled.

Fb article

Thank Facebook's Design Team For Every Warm And Fuzzy Moment You've Ever Had On The Social Network

Why design is the secret weapon of the social network.

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On the Front Lines with the Marines' Female Engagement Teams

The Marines are using teams of servicewomen in Afghanistan to go where the men in its front-line combat units cannot: To build relationships with Afghan women. (Reported from Helmand during an embed with the US Marines.)

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Ex-Green Berets Bring Tech to Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

The U.S. military is hampered by antiquated technologies that leave units all but deaf and blind as they try to hunt down insurgents and win hearts and minds. A team of former Special Forces officers is now building the tools to fix that.