E.B. Boyd

E.B. Boyd

E.B. Boyd is a contributing writer at Fast Company and San Francisco. She has reported from the Middle East, Afghanistan, China, Haiti, and Silicon Valley.

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Amazing contently article
Stars and Stripes

Military Experience Spurs Army Major to the Head of 'Amazing Race'

Maj. Tara Carr is an active duty soldier who has deployed Afghanistan. She's also leading the pack on "The Amazing Race."

Drones contently article
Stars and Stripes

Afghanistan, NATO on Watch for Use of Drones by Militants

Militants have figured out to arm handheld drones, putting U.S. forces on guard

Atac contently article
Stars and Stripes

Afghans Rush Training of Air Controllers to Regain Battlefield Edge

To beat the Taliban, the Afghan military needs to control the air.