E.B. Boyd

E.B. Boyd

E.B. Boyd is a contributing writer at Fast Company and San Francisco. She has reported from the Middle East, Afghanistan, China, Haiti, and Silicon Valley.

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Princeton Alumni Weekly

Q&A: Lt. Gen. Mark A. Milley

After 13 years of war, the bulk of U.S. forces will leave Afghanistan this year. From May 2013 to last February, Lt. Gen. Mark A. Milley ’80 was the second-highest general on the ground, overseeing daily operations for NATO.

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Princeton Alumni Weekly

On the Front Lines with the Marines' Female Engagement Teams

The Marines are using teams of servicewomen in Afghanistan to go where the men in its front-line combat units cannot: To build relationships with Afghan women. (Reported from Helmand during an embed with the US Marines.)

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Princeton Alumni Weekly

Continuing Straight Ahead

On May 31, 2007, while on patrol in Iraq, a roadside bomb tore through Alex Wilson's legs. Here's what happened after.

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Princeton Alumni Weekly

Two Brothers, Two Paths

Two brothers each enrolled in ROTC. One ended up in the Army's Special Forces, the other quit the military and chose humanitarian work in Afghanistan instead. Here's how their paths diverged.

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Princeton Alumni Weekly

James Blue: Training Afghan Journalists

James Blue covered war zones for two decades as a producer for ABC News and Nightline. Then he decided to teach Afghans how to tell their own stories.

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Princeton Alumni Weekly

Exploring the Messy Realities of War

Inspired by a true story, a musician composes an opera about a soldier who loses his innocence in the wars of the Middle East.

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Princeton Alumni Weekly

Starting a Movement

After decades of reporting for the New York Times, Sheryl Wu Dunn and Nicholas Kristoff became convinced that empowering women is the key to solving party. Now they've started a campaign to make that happen.